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What Makes My Handmade Jewellery Special?

My Bracelets

I have 2 different ranges of bracelets. My handmade beaded fashion bracelets are available in various styles and colours which are stretch bracelets. The second range, is my handmade Sterling Silver bracelets containing various amounts and designs of Sterling Silver. The elastic I use for my beaded fashion bracelets is made especially for jewellery and is actually called ’crystal string’ so is really strong,

If you would prefer to change wish to change elastic for Sterling Silver clasp & fittings, please contact me before buying so that I can add this extra cost to the bracelet you have chosen.

Sterling Silver bolt ring clasp & fittings, will add 11/8” to the length of the bracelet and there will be an additional cost of £4.00 per item for Sterling Silver fittings.

Please request your overall bracelet length if different to that stated in the description, taking into account that larger beads do wear shorter.

Most bracelets can be handmade to the length you require and if you are in any doubt, I will be happy to help.

If you wish to alter a design, or have your own handmade bespoke bracelet, please contact me and we can go through it together.

My Earrings

Each pair of my handmade earrings has genuine Sterling Silver parts and semi-precious gemstones. Some have Swarovski Pearls and or Crystals.

I also use ’heavy’ or strong Sterling Silver headpins.

The Sterling Silver tubes and little Sterling Silver beads are seamless so will not come apart.

Please note that the lengths I have quoted are from the top of the coil on the ear wire, so should be approximately the wearing length.

If you wish me to alter a design, or have your bespoke pair of handmade earrings, please contact me and we can go through it together.

I also have a range of handmade Sterling Silver stud earrings.

As you may appreciate, due to health & hygiene reasons, I will not be able to accept the return of earrings if the seal on the plastic grip bag has been broken or disturbed.

My Necklaces

Each of my uniquely designed handmade necklaces has been created using high quality Sterling Silver components and genuine semi-precious gemstones.

Some designs have also been made with Freshwater Pearls or genuine Swarovski Pearls and/or Crystals from the Swarovski Elements range.

For the thread I use Flex-rite 49 strand wire. This is the strongest ’wire’ I have found on the market. It also has the highest number of strands &, as the name suggests, there are 49 micro strands of stainless steel which are then covered in nylon.

It is the amount of strands which determine how the necklace, (or bracelet), will drape and how resistant it is to kinking. So the higher the number of strands the better. This ’wire’ will withstand strain up to 24lbs – so is really strong.

Other available sizes of this wire are 7 strand, 14 strand, 19 strand and 21 strand, so as you can see I use the highest.

As continual friction between the wire and the fastening may eventually fray the ’wire’, I protect the ’wire’ by using wire guardians, again made from Sterling Silver. I think this also gives my necklaces that ’finished’ look.

Each necklace has a Sterling Silver bolt ring fastener as standard.

As with all my jewellery, the Sterling Silver tubes and little Sterling Silver beads I use are seamless so will not come apart.

General Information

Where I do have only 1 of a particular design, this is noted in the description. This will usually be because the focal point of the necklace is individual to that particular stone.

To protect your handmade jewellery items, it is better to put on your jewellery after any creams, oils, make-up, hair spray or perfumes have dried.

Sterling Silver can be cleaned with warm soapy water, or a silver jewellery cloth.

Your handmade jewellery will come to you well packaged in a plastic grip bag, wrapped in acid free tissue paper, placed in a pretty voile bag and finally placed inside a padded envelope.

The acid free tissue paper will not harm your jewellery and can be used to directly wrap your piece & re-place in the voile bag if you wish to give it as a gift.

I have taken close-up photographs so that you can see the detail clearly, so of course please bear in mind that they are not to scale.